About Floor 13

I’m the blonde down there. Although my partner helps with the ideas too.

“Floor 13” is the artist name of Sara Walker.

“Sara Walker” is a pen name of a ‘not-so-young-anymore’ woman living in England. Her interests involve video games, leather, sex, and bondage. Sara lives with her partner, who has identical tastes. They have almost no social life other than a ‘party’ each month. They are not looking for more guests.

Sara has grown tired of hiding her sexuality and preferences, and is writing a series of short stories in various styles in the hope that other people feel that they don’t have to hide either.

The books in the ‘Hard’ sections will not be to everyone’s tastes. They will feature extreme BDSM, or extreme sex acts, or extreme torture, all described in as much graphic detail as our perverted minds can muster.