True ‘Hard’ Stories

This page contains true stories from my life, that some people might find interesting.

The books and images that are more ‘hard’ BDSM or torture based, rather than erotic.

Subjects include times that I paid tough women to torture them, and times that I was paid to be tortured (For example: I might spend the day being brutalized by a dominant lady and her sub(s), and in return I would get to ‘play’ with them a couple of weeks later).


The stories and images in this section will offend some people.

I have no limits when it comes to dominating another women. None at all. Therefore some people might think that the topics covered will be hard, sometimes disgusting. degrading, humiliating, and painful.

When it comes to submitting, I do have limits, but these change depending on how horny I am, and whether it is sunny or rainy. So again, expect all of the above.